The book

“Who says you’re not creative?”

This book is an accessible insight into creativity which aims to help people re-connect to their natural/ inherent creativity. The book format is a ‘one concept per page’ rather than a heavy narrative text. It follows a journey which begins with an understanding of why many of us consider ourselves as ‘not creative’ and shows how we can ‘break free’ and get to a state where ‘we absolutely can be!’

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In my work as a Creative Facilitator, I come across lots of people who label themselves as ‘un-creative’ which I am not even sure is a word! My book is a response to all those people. We are all creative. We’ve just got a little disconnected from our right brain/ our capacity for creativity.


It would be great to foster creative conversations on here and find out what you think about the book.

P.S. If you want to know a little more about my work as a Creative Facilitator here’s the link to my main website

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