A new enterprise begins

This week I new logo lrlaunched my first collection of art cards complete with positive- creative saying on the back. Or should I say I have launched a new brand, Prith-b, designs as I have ideas for lots more products: T-shirts and notebooks soon to come.

It’s taken almost two years for these cards to move form idea to reality but sometimes the timing just has to be right. The cards are under the new Prith-b label as you can see to the left. The image is from my book- Who says you’re not creative‘ and these cards will take the ethos of the book, as well as some my art, out into the world.

The motivation behind these cards isn’t to make money…they are my little indulgence- I just want them to exist as I think they are beautiful. There you go- purely selfish.

Having said this as they have gone into the world they have already made people smile, inspired and uplifted. If you haven’t got time to read the book you can read a simple sentence on the back of the card and take a little bit of the book in that way.

The cards are blank inside so that you can craft your own message and use them however you like. I’ve initially created 5 different designs based on some small paintings I did when I launched my book in the summer of 2013. In time I plan to do a second and third series featuring my paintings.

You can buy dicarddrect from me, or my first outlet on Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay- Fabulous Welsh Cakes.

Here’s one image. I shall upload more soon on a dedicated page. It’s a great feeling launching this… there is no pressure to generate income as my business supports me. I can just see how this little venture unfolds…..



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